As of Jan. 25, the following changes will be in effect until 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 7:

sports teams can start playing games, but spectators are not permitted and there can be no games or tournaments involving teams that would not regularly play against each other

the limit for sports practices, training and games and arts and culture rehearsals and classes will return to 50

A press release detailing today’s announcement can be found by clicking here.

Hockey Nova Scotia extends season

We also wanted to let you know that Hockey Nova Scotia’s Board of Directors has voted to extend the hockey season until the end of April 2021.

This extension is all about giving our members an opportunity to continue to play the game they love and to develop their skills on the ice. We know that many of our members have lost development opportunities and social opportunities because of the pandemic. If they are able to provide them, our associations and leagues will now have the option to offer development programs and games late into April this season.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Hockey Nova Scotia Board of Directors has also decided that there will not be any provincial tournament-style events this season to determine provincial winners. We will, however, be exploring alternative ways to complete our seasons and determine Nova Scotia champions at all levels that usually award provincial banners. One potential option includes using a single-game playoff format. We are committed to working with, and supporting, our leagues, associations, scheduling bodies, and facilities through this process. If you have any questions, please contact your local Regional Director.

What does today’s provincial announcement mean for hockey?

The good news is that all of our players will once again be allowed to play games beginning on Jan. 25. The easing of restrictions by the province is about maintaining as much consistency as possible within sports groups, while allowing competition and league play to continue. We are grateful that our members will once again be able to compete.

Field of play

Groups of 50 are once again permitted to be in the field of play without physical distancing. This includes players, officials, coaches, instructors, and anyone else who is required to be on or near the ice surface, team benches, penalty box, timekeeper box, and dressing rooms.

What teams can my team play against?

Beginning on Jan. 25, leagues will be allowed to operate normally as they did before the restrictions and teams will be permitted to follow their league schedules. This means that they can face off against teams as scheduled by their respective leagues.

Teams that play in leagues that normally have games scheduled between teams from different regions of the province (ex: provincial leagues like the Nova Scotia U15 Major Hockey League or the Female U13 AAA league) will be allowed to continue as usual. Regional leagues (ex: regional leagues like the Scotia Minor Hockey League or the Female U11 B South league) will also be allowed to continue as they normally would but teams from these leagues would not be allowed to play games against teams from outside their league.

Ultimately, teams are limited to games against other teams in their leagues.


Tournaments are still not permitted by Hockey Nova Scotia at this time.

Exhibition games

Teams will be permitted to play exhibition games against other teams that they would normally play against as part of their league schedules. Exhibition games against teams from outside of your regular league play are not currently allowed.

What does this mean for spectators?

As per today’s announcement, spectators are not permitted in the facility while these current restrictions are in place.

What does this mean for technical directors and skill instructors?

Hockey association technical directors, skill instructors (ex: goalie coaches) and hockey association lead coaches are permitted to work with teams within their hockey association but they must wear a mask at all times. These individuals must be included in the group of 50.

What does this mean for private hockey operators?

Private hockey operators are not sanctioned by Hockey Nova Scotia. However, these groups should follow the guidelines of our Rebound Plan. We strongly encourage parents to minimize their child’s contacts and social interactions by limiting their private hockey activities to one consistent group of participants (ex: one power skating group with the same participants each week).

What does this mean for Hockey Nova Scotia officials?

Hockey Nova Scotia officials are once again permitted to officiate games. Officials are strongly encouraged to maintain as much consistency as possible when it comes to the teams and leagues that they interact with.

Finishing the year strong

We know that this year has been a challenging one but we appreciate all of the sacrifices that our members have made to get to this point. We feel fortunate to be part of a small minority of hockey players across the country that are currently permitted to be on the ice.

We need to continue to work together and follow the guidelines of Public Health and the Rebound Plan to ensure that this continues.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation. We have been working with Public Health and the province while these restrictions have been in effect to try to get our members back in game action. We appreciate all of the work you and your teams have been doing throughout this difficult period.